Children's Chocolate Dipping Party!

Children's Chocolate Dipping Party!


Last weekend twenty children came on a very chocolatey outing to dip their own confections in the Compartes kitchen!



In groups of five to ten, while the others enjoyed games and crafts outdoors on the patio, began the factory tour by Compartes Owner Jonathan Grahm. As he showed them how the chocolates are made and stored, he even let the children into the gigantic fridge on their way through! In turn their names were then written on stickers and placed onto plates where they would let their chocolate creations dry! And so on they journeyed into the dipping room, the fresh chocolate churning delectably in the chocolate kettles! Neatly aside set out ready for dipping were fresh strawberries, marshmallows, pretzels, Oreo Cookies and Vanilla Wafers… mmm!

Then came the fun! After a short demonstration, mouths left watering, the children excitedly sprang into action! Taking it in turns (patience was short with the scent of fresh chocolate as it whisked before them!) they each chose five confections to dip in one of the two kettles: milk chocolate or dark chocolate.


Content with their accomplishments, their chocolate was moved into the refrigerator to cool.

Ten minutes later, chocolates ready, children jumping with excited impatience, what could have been more rewarding than biting into their very own handmade chocolates!?

Does this sound like something for your children, a school, or a group of children you know? Please contact us for more information!