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Reality TV Star NeNe Leakes at Compartes Chocolatier LA

NeNe Leakes of Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta drops by Los Angeles Gourmet Food boutique Compartes Chocolatier in Brentwood. A celebrity hotspot for gourmet chocolate, confections and artisan truffles, Compartes Chocolatier is Hollywood's hip confectionary factory. Watch Jonathan Grahm and NeNe Leakes making and dipping organic delicious chocolates and chatting while paparazzi take their photos! Find out which celebs and stars are coming to compartes next follow us on twitter

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Custom Corporate Gifts & Customized Chocolates

Here is another photo of a beautiful gift box we made for a company based here in Los Angeles with their custom corporate logos, color scheme, etc mixed with our signature pieces.  This was a gorgeous and unique gift, they sent over 400 of these beautiful boxes throughout the country! You can do this too! Email us at sales@compartes.com or call us at 310.826.3380.  We can customize our chocolates for a small set up fee, you can choose flavors, ribbons, stickers, etc for a completely personalized artisan chocolate gift.

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