Jonathan Grahm

Jonathan Grahm Los Angeles California     

Jonathan Grahm, named one of , is known for his over 100+ varieties of , made in his Los Angeles chocolate shop.  Jonathan is known as one of the most famous and prolific chocolatiers in the country for his gourmet luxury chocolates, chocolate truffles, chocolate bars and salted chocolate delights. Fusing art, flavors, design, culture, fashion and style together to create his distinctive and trendsetting revision of LA's historic Compartes Chocolatier, Jonathan's vision is expressed through chocolate... chocolate is art. 

Inspired by his passion for world travel to countries such as Venezuela, Italy, France, Belize and others, Jonathan began developing his own recipes in Compartes Los Angeles chocolate factory mixing all-natural ingredients and exotic flavors together. Using chocolate as his canvas, Jonathan creates unique flavor profiles and chocolate flavors based on the notion of mixing nostalgic classic flavors, exotic ingredients and artistic presentation together to create his unique confections.  Grahm, who started making chocolate at 19, transformed Compartes Chocolatier into one of the most notable and celebrated artisanal chocolate destinations in the nation blending chocolate, art, style, design, fashion and food.  

Jonathan Grahm Chocolatier Compartes Chocolate Los AngelesAmerica's youngest chocolatier has also become a favorite of Hollywood celebrities, movie studios and major corporations for his unique custom chocolate corporate gifts and luxury chocolate art confections. Making special chocolates for high profile events such as the Golden Globes and Academy Awards, Grammys and red carpet movie premieres, Compartes Chocolatier LA has become known as the chocolatier to the stars with clientele ranging from Jennifer Garner and Heidi Klum to Dreamworks and the Discovery Channel.  

Dubbed a "food star" and one of the "top 25 entrepreneurs under 25", Jonathan has been featured in Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, The LA Times and more. His television appearances include CNN, ABC, Bravo, Food Network, Cooking Channel and countless other stations. Jonathan's unique chocolate flavors like smoked sea salt, salted caramel, mexican hot chocolate, mango + saffron, kaffir lime + lemongrass and olive oil + rosemary have made a splash nationwide. His chocolate bar creations reference his favorite nostalgic treats such as donuts & coffee, cereal bowl, birthday cake, apple pie and chocolate pretzels.  In addition to chocolate ganache truffles and chocolate dipped fruits, his ever evolving lines now include gourmet chocolate bars, organic chocolates, homemade marshmallows, gourmet toffee, chocolate turtles, gourmet chocolate gifts and more.