Custom Chocolates by Compartés: Discover Gifting Excellence

Create your own personalized chocolate gift boxes for corporate gifts, branded events, weddings, promotional items, and much more. Why give ordinary chocolates when you can give chocolates to remember? Compartés chocolates are renowned worldwide for their exceptional flavors, accompanied by award-winning packaging and meticulous presentation. Our custom chocolates can feature your logo, branding, designs, or artwork, ensuring a truly unique and memorable gift. We offer complimentary proofs and digital mockups, and provide drop shipping options, allowing you to effortlessly deliver your personalized gifts to clients. 

1. Upload logo

Custom chocolates and packaging with your logos and , made fresh to order, by the best in the business. Upload or email files to our team to get started.

2. Free proofs

Chocolates that wow. At Compartés, we specialize in personalized chocolates for gifts. Send us your logos and designs for free proofs and pricing for approval.

3. Customize gifts

Pick from multiple box sizes and gift options, including gift towers. Embellish with custom ribbons, custom branded sleeves, custom inserts, gift cards and more.

4. Ship worldwide

Drop Shipping to your clients? No problem, we've got you. Send us your list, we take care of the rest. Make a lasting impression with the world's best chocolates.

Custom sleeves and personalized inserts

Elevate your gifting to new heights with personalized, full-color custom sleeves to elegantly wrap around our signature chocolates or your own customized chocolate gifts. Create custom packaging, custom inserts, and much more. Explore our inspiration gallery of custom chocolate gifts.





Louis Vuitton

Custom branded chocolate gifts

Custom sleeves and personalized inserts

Elevate your gifting to new heights with personalized, full-color custom sleeves to elegantly wrap around our signature chocolates or your own customized chocolate gifts. Create custom packaging, custom inserts, and much more. Explore our inspiration gallery of custom chocolate gifts.

Compartés: Perfecting Chocolate Making in Los Angeles for 75 Years

With over 75 years of perfecting the art of chocolate making, Compartés has become synonymous with excellence. Our chocolates are the only chocolates to have achieved a perfect score from bon appétit, and are Oprah's most favorited chocolates ever. With a huge following on social media, our brand is trusted by prestigious names worldwide.

Personalized Gifts

  • Choose flavors... yum!

  • Free standard gift messages.

  • Include gift cards.

  • Add promotional materials.

  • Custom ribbons & more.

  • We drop ship worldwide.

Customize Your Box Sizes

Our custom chocolates are the ideal gift for any event and are available in multiple box sizes. These sizes include: 2 piece, 5 piece, 10 piece, 20 piece, 40 piece and 80 piece box sizes. You can also create custom chocolate towers with multiple boxes tied together with ribbon, and much more.

Shipping Made Easy

  • We drop ship, send us your list.

  • No Melt Guarantee

  • Flat rate gift shipping options.

  • Express UPS shipping available.

Please email your completed spreadsheets to

Custom gifting made easy.

Add full color custom sleeves with your designs and branding, to any of our chocolate gift boxes. This provides endless possibilities to fully emphasize your brand message. Custom sleeves are available for all box sizes. For more details and information, view our gift catalog.

Personalized gifts

Pick flavors... yum.

Add custom sleeves.

Add custom inserts.

Add promo materials.

Add custom ribbons.

Easy shipping

No Melt Guarantee.

Send us your list.

Flat rate shipping.

Express shipping.

Ship worldwide.

Custom boxes

Multiple box sizes.

2, 5, 10, 20, 40, 80 +

Custom gift tiers.

Custom gift bundles.

Custom gift towers.

Custom branding

Your logos and artwork.

Your unique designs.

Free proofs.

Personalized gifts.

All box sizes.

Looking for custom chocolate wedding favors or gifting ideas for an event?

Luxury Gifts


Louis Vuitton


The ultimate gift: totally custom boxes by Compartés. 

For your very own branded packaging, and custom gift boxes, we can use our existing box sixes and totally customize them for the ultimate gift. For a completely branded custom gift box there is a min order of 500 units. For more info, email:

Explore our Chocolate Gift Catalog (pdf) for an array of gifting options.

Louis Vuitton Personalized Bar


Wynn Hotel x DJ Marshmello


J. Crew Chocolate Bar


Cartier Custom Chocolate Bar


Brand new: Our most coveted product... a Compartés chocolate bar, now available custom. Minimum order 1,000 units per style. Extended lead time applies.


How long does it take to make the custom chocolates / what's the turnaround time?

After initial custom setup, with your logo on file, we can make and ship your chocolates within just 24 hours! For first time ordering, lead time is generally 2 weeks from final proof approval date, but can be much faster if you are able to cover an additional rush cost that we would have pay to our custom plate supplier. If you have already set up your custom art or logos and are looking to reorder, we can turn around orders within just 24 hours.

Do you ship chocolates even during the summer / hot weather?

Yes, we ship year-round, worldwide, even if the weather and temperatures are hot. We pack the chocolates securely with ice and ship on an expedited service to ensure their safe arrival.

Can I reorder my custom chocolates?

Yes, absolutely. Once the custom plates have been set up, you can reorder the same design as many times as you need, whenever you need!

Do you offer discounted pricing?

Yes we do. Pricing is based on the quantity of boxes that you order per order. So for example, if you purchase 1,000 x 5 Piece Custom Gift Boxes, the price per box will be lower than if you order 10 of them. Please email for a pricing guide so that you can maximize your budget.

Are there minimum / maximum order quantities for custom chocolates?

For first time orders there are no minimums or maximums. Once you have paid the small one-time setup cost to create the custom plate for your design, you can order as many or as few custom chocolates as you'd like.

How many colors can I choose for custom chocolates?

There's no real limit... here's how it works: for custom chocolates there is a one-time setup and the cost of the setup is based on the number of colors in your final design. We can customize our chocolates with any graphic artwork such as a logo or pattern. Email for more information.

Need More Help?

Handmade in Los Angeles since 1950, Compartés specializes in crafting gorgeous custom chocolates with any logos and designs you wish. Let us know your questions so we can be of help. Please complete the form below or email our dedicated custom concierge team:

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