Featured in Epicurious. Text by: Avery Matera and Chelsea Stone.



Calling all avocado lovers with a sweet tooth: two of the world's most beloved foods, avocado and chocolate, have merged in the form of the newly released Avocado Chocolate Bar from modern chocolatier Compartés.

The company teamed up with the California Avocado Commission to bring this dream pairing to life. The Avocado Chocolate Bar is an intriguing combination of white chocolate and California avocados (in fact, those are the only two ingredients in the whole bar), and, says Compartés' website, "There's absolutely nothing else quite like it."

"It's good!" says our Epicurious colleague Kat Sacks. The sweet bar has a bit of a buttery flavor, which underscores the health halo of all those good-for-you monounsaturated fats. The avocado flavor is very subtle, more of a suggestion than a declaration. In fact, says Epi editor David Tamarkin, "I'm not sure I would have known there was avocado in there had it not been on the packaging." (On that note: we kind of wish the bar were green.)

For all the die-hard avocado fans out there who are already well aware of the food's healthful and delicious properties, the bar is just one more way to work the berry (yep, berry) into every meal, right alongside your morning dose of avocado toast and daily helping of guacamole.

Even before the avocado bar's release, the Los Angeles–based Compartés had made a name for itself by sticking a slew of unexpected ingredients in its gourmet, organic chocolate bars. The company’s other offerings include everything from the Vegan Kale Healthy Kale Dark Chocolate Bar and the Potato Chip Crisp Chocolate Bar (more our style) to the Cereal Bowl White Chocolate & Cereal bar (made with real Lucky Charms) and the Nightcap, a boozy dark chocolate/whiskey confection.

Compartés' Avocado Chocolate Bar, which retails for $9.95, is available for purchase on the chocolatier's website and at the company's Los Angeles brick-and-mortar store beginning April 27, so start stocking up now.