Featured in Refinery 29. Text by: Olivia Harrison.

There’s a certain chocolate company that somehow always finds a way to take our very favorite trendy foods and turn them into candy bar form. Last year, Compartés came out with a rosé chocolate bar. The bar, which is called Roses and Rosé, contains crystalized rose petals, is infused with French wine, and of course, comes in a beautifully designed package that’s sure to pop on any Instgram story. We didn’t think it could ever get cuter, hipper, or tastier than that, but Compartés just proved us wrong. The Los Angeles-base chocolatiers headed by Jonathan Grahm just released a brand new bar, and this one is just the ticket for all the avocado fanatics out there.
The Avocado Chocolate Bar is made with white chocolate, and it’s chock-full of fresh California avocados. The creaminess of Compartés’ white chocolate mixed with the creaminess of a perfectly ripe avocado sounds like a match made in candy bar heaven, but that’s not the only thing to love about this treat. The chocolate bar also comes in an adorable package adorned with illustrated avocados of all different shapes and sizes. The company's streak for making Instagram-worthy treats continues.
Compartés' Avocado Chocolate Bar is currently in stock on the company's website — though we're guessing it could temporarily run out anytime now because avocados are popular — and can be ordered for $9.95 each. Many of us already eat avocado on almost everything, so why not throw it in our chocolate bars?