Compartes Avocado Chocolate Bar

Attention, avocado- and chocolate-lovers: there's a new chocolate bar that has arrived straight from your dreams. Trendy LA-based chocolatier Compartés is the genius behind this unexpected mashup, and its avocado chocolate bar ($10) is made with California avocados and white chocolate. The bar has a light green hue, leading us to believe it really is packed with plenty of creamy avocados and sweet white chocolate. Plus, it has to be better for you than your average white-chocolate bar, right? We're going to go ahead and say yes, because healthy fats. 

While this is likely the first chocolate bar of its kind, combining avocados and chocolate isn't necessarily a new concept. We've tried everything from chocolate avocado pudding to cupcakes with chocolate avocado buttercream, and we can confirm the flavors totally work together.

Let's not forget the glorious Rosé white chocolate bar the same company released last summer during the Rosé-flavored-candy craze. If this is any indication that Compartés will continue developing chocolate bars that combine our favorite things in life (there's also the biscuits and honey chocolate bar), we can't wait to see what's next!