The New York Times Compartes Chocolatier Charity African Chocolates for a CauseGIFTS THAT GIVE BACK: Relief Beads + Compartes Support Darfur

- The New York Times Holiday Gift Guide 2010 -

"CHOCOLATES (and beads) These dark organic chocolates, from Compartes in California, showing a map of Africa, have creamy fillings of caramelized plantain, Kenyan coffee, cardamom-coconut, crunchy African cocoa nibs and African caramel. The sales help to support a women’s center in Darfur. Boxes are $20 for 5 ($30 for 10 and $50 for 20). Each gourmet chocolate box comes with one or more “relief beads” bracelets, which sell separately for $10 and provide two months’ education for a child in Darfur:"