Personalized Chocolates for Exceptional Amenities and Hospitality Gifts

Our personalized chocolates offer a delightful touch of indulgence for various hospitality settings and occasions. Whether you're looking to enhance turndown amenities, create memorable experiences for special events, or cater to exclusive clientele, our luxury gift boxes are the perfect choice. 

For an added touch of elegance, we offer the option to add a custom logo on the chocolates for a nominal one-time fee. Should you require more chocolates, including the custom ones, they can be easily re-ordered in the desired quantity, allowing you to cater to your guests whenever necessary. 

J&J Events

custom 2 piece gift boxes

American Airlines

custom 2 piece for amenities

Royal Caribbean Cruises

chocolates for vip gifting

Louis Vuitton

bulk chocolate for events

Custom Gourmet Chocolate Bars

We now offer you the opportunity to fully personalize our award-winning chocolate bars to reflect your exclusive brand identity. From showcasing your elegant designs, logos, or branding to savoring our decadent ingredients that create irresistible flavors, every detail exudes sophistication.

Elevate the experience for your guests and clientele with visually stunning packaging. Contact us for a quote and discover the ultimate indulgence that will leave a lasting impression.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

custom Chocolate for mini bar

Wynn Hotel

custom chocolate for events

Four Seasons Hotel

chocolate amenities & Mini bar

The Beverly Hills Hotel

custom chocolate bars

Compartés specializes in chocolates for amenity programs, hotels, mini-bars, turn down service, airlines, cruise ships, transportation, private jets, vacation rentals and so much more... Guests love to receive Compartes award-winning chocolates, known for their superior quality, taste and presentation, there is no better way to say welcome or show appreciation for your guests than Compartes gourmet chocolates 

For all your amenities and hospitality chocolate needs, reach out to our chocolate concierge service. We'll be with you every step of the way, offering complimentary design consultations to personalize your chocolates with logos or branding. Enhance your amenities and event gifts with unique branded packaging, ensuring a memorable experience for your guests. Our dedicated service aims to make your amenities and hospitality offerings truly exceptional.

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