In the world of gift-giving, holiday gift sets have come a long way from traditional presents. They are no longer just a thoughtful gesture; they give you a unique and creative way to express your love and appreciation to the recipient.

As the holiday season draws near, allow us to guide you through the exceptional world of Compartés holiday gift collections. Handcrafted with love, these distinguished sets will leave your friends and family in awe and wanting more.

Here is a selection of the top 15 Holiday Gift Sets that are sure to be the hit of the season:

Best Chocolate Holiday Gift Sets (In No Particular Order)

1. Edible Chocolate Gift Basket

edible chocolate gift basket - Compartés

Shower your loved ones with the ultimate chocolate fantasy. Picture holiday gift basket items entirely crafted from decadent chocolate. Choose between luxury dark or gourmet milk chocolate filled with an array of our finest handmade chocolates for a truly grand gesture.

2. Signature Chocolate Gift Tower

signature chocolate gift tower - Compartés

Delight your colleagues or companions with our Signature Gourmet Chocolate Gift Tower . It's a beautiful assortment of luxury handmade chocolates that have graced Oprah's favorites! This tower of indulgence includes stunning truffle gift boxes, chocolate Bar Gift Sets, and a small gift box of traditional items like Chocolate apricots, Oreos, fruits, turtles, nut clusters, toffee, or Marshmallows.

3. Most Loved Chocolate Bundle - Limited Red Edition

limited red edition most loved chocolate bundle - Compartés

Double the love and make your friends feel cherished with our top-selling chocolate truffles and bars, beautifully wrapped in a limited-edition red design .

4. Holiday Chocolate Bars Gift Box - 2 Bar

2 bar holiday chocolate gift box - Compartés

A delightful treat perfect for friends, family, or coworkers. This limited edition box features a selection of two delectable holiday bars , including flavors like bourbon pecan pie and gourmet dark chocolate peppermint bark, among others. It's the ideal stocking stuffer-sized gift set for the holiday season, offering a taste of our most popular Christmas chocolates.

5. Vegan Chocolate Truffles - 20 Piece Gift

20 piece vegan chocolate truffles - Compartés

Cater to your vegan loved ones with this premium collection of vegan chocolate truffles . Each truffle is beautifully encased in our award-winning packaging, offering guilt-free indulgence for the plant-based eaters in your life.

6. Holiday Hot Cocoa Gift - Winter White Hot Chocolate Mix

winter white chocolate hot cocoa gift box - Compartés

Bring warmth and joy to your friends with our limited-edition holiday hot cocoa . Adorned with golden stars and available in three luxurious varieties ( Luxury Milk and Extra Dark ), it's a personalized winter wonderland in a cup, perfect for sharing moments of comfort.

7. Chocolate Covered Jumbo Marshmallows Gift Box

chocolate covered jumbo marshmallows gift box - Compartés

Add a touch of luxury to the classic marshmallow treat and delight your loved ones. These giant marshmallows, drenched in our signature chocolates, are presented in a chic gift box .

8. Fruit Clusters Vegan Chocolate Gift Box

vegan chocolate fruit clusters gift box - Compartés

Satisfy the sweet cravings of your fruit-loving friends with these fruit clusters . Featuring a vibrant mix of raspberry, papaya, raisins, kiwi, and blueberries, this gift box will add a burst of flavor to their day.

9. Hanukkah Chocolate Gift Box - Chanukah Collection

hanukkah chocolate gift box - Compartés

Celebrate the festival of lights and create special moments for your Jewish friends or family with our exclusive Hanukkah chocolate gift box . It's a heartfelt way to share in the tradition and show your appreciation.

10. World's Best Chocolate Assortment - Large Gift Box

large chocolate assortment gift box - Compartés

Show appreciation to your colleagues with this large gift box overflowing with over 2 pounds of our classic gourmet chocolates. It's a personal celebration of their importance in your business.

11. Dark Chocolate Covered Nuts Assortment

dark chocolate covered nuts - Compartés 

Surprise your nut-loving friends with hand-roasted nuts cloaked in our rich, dark chocolate. This savory and sweet combination is sure to delight.

12. Zodiac Chocolate Gift Box

zodiac chocolate gift box - Compartés

Wow your friends and loved ones with chocolate magic from our Zodiac Chocolate Gift Box . Encased in a luxurious gold box, this divine collection features 12 tantalizing chocolate pieces, each representing a unique zodiac sign. A heavenly treat that combines decadence and Zodiac signs for an enchanting experience.

13. Holiday Gourmet Chocolate Gift Box Bundle - Green

green holiday gourmet chocolate gift box bundle - Compartés

Share the sweetness of the season with our Green Holiday Gift Bundle . This festive collection includes our Limited Edition Chocolate Advent Calendar, award-winning Milky Hot Cocoa, and the delightful Gingerbread Bark Dark Chocolate. A perfect holiday treat for loved ones to enjoy together.

14. Personalized Chocolate Gift Boxes

personalized chocolate gift boxes - Compartés

Add a personal touch to your corporate gifts by customizing chocolates with your branding or artwork. We offer complimentary proofs, ensuring that every gift reflects your unique style and thoughtfulness, making it perfect for your colleagues.

15. Create Your Own Edible Gift Set with Compartés


create your own edible chocolate gift set - Compartés

Customize a personalized gift set by handpicking individual Compartés chocolate bars for your loved ones. Add seasonal gift favorites like Eggnog, Cinnamon Roll, Sweet Potato Marshmallow, Pumpkin Cheesecake, and Cornbread gourmet chocolate bars for a unique treat. Don't forget to include a Compartés holiday e-gift card for that final touch, bringing the decadent chocolate experience to your friends.

This holiday season, let these meticulously curated collections from Compartés allow you to express your gratitude and appreciation to the people you care about and value in your life. It's not just about gifts; it's about creating lasting memories and moments of joy with the ones you cherish.

Now, let’s explore the most popular questions people have about holiday gift giving.

What Is the Most Common Holiday Gift?

When it comes to holiday gifting, the options are plentiful and diverse. Among these choices, gift cards—which many reputable brands offer (including yours truly)—have garnered considerable popularity.

In fact, according to a 2023 Statista survey , roughly half of people in the U.S. may opt for the convenience of gift cards this holiday season. This preference is entirely valid. Gift cards provide the recipient with the freedom to select precisely what they desire.

But if you're looking to add an extra special touch to your holiday gifting this season, consider exploring a personalized gift set by Compartés. This allows you to offer a truly unique and meaningful present that reflects your thoughtfulness and the preferences of your loved ones.

What Is the Most Requested Christmas Gift?

In recent years, technology has monopolized Christmas wish lists, with the latest gadgets and gizmos heralded as the must-haves of the season. But while tech gifts offer the allure of novelty, they often lack the timeless elegance that defines the holiday season. The gifts that truly stand the test of time are those that touch our hearts and create lasting memories.

This raises a more specific question: What are 3 of the most popular gifts given on Christmas in the US?

According to a survey by OnePoll, here’s their shortlist:

  1. Chocolates: Chocolate reigns supreme, with 58% of Americans considering it the most universally cherished gift.
  2. Holiday Gift Sets and Baskets: 50% of Americans favor holiday gift baskets for their festive variety and the joy of unwrapping surprises within.
  3. Holiday Gift Cards: Preferred by 49% of Americans, gift cards are cherished for their versatility, offering the gift of choice.

At Compartés, we specialize in all three of these timeless holiday season favorites. Handcrafted with love, our limited edition chocolates and personalized collections bring delicious delight to anyone who finds them in a stocking or under their tree.

These aren't just presents; they're gateways to moments of indulgence and celebration, meticulously crafted to make your holiday season brim with elegance, joy, and a sweetness that lingers on.

Holiday Magic in Every Bite: Choose Compartés for Unforgettable Holiday Gift Sets

unforgettable holiday chocolate gift sets - Compartés

As the holidays draw near, you can set a new standard in gifting. Let Compartés be your holiday gift-giving guide in the enchanting realm of gourmet chocolates.

When you choose to shop with us, you’re not merely purchasing chocolate; you're handpicking a masterpiece of taste and tenderness for those who mean the world to you. Our holiday gift sets are handcrafted with great attention to detail, ensuring each one mirrors the genuine care and thoughtfulness you've put into finding just the right gift.

Whether you're aiming to surprise your friends, bring joy to family festivities, or extend a token of appreciation to colleagues and clients, Compartés stands ready to help you elevate these moments into cherished memories. Come and find that perfect token that sparkles with joy and resonates with the sophistication of nearly 75 years of chocolate-making artistry.

At Compartés, it's not just about the holiday gift set; it's about the joyous memories that will linger long after the holidays have passed. Shop our holiday collection today and experience the magic of Compartés—the world’s best chocolate.

Already looking forward to the season of love? Shop our Valentine's chocolate selection for gourmet chocolates that will make your day sweet as ever.