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Fresh Beginnings with Lunar New Year Chocolates

As the Lunar New Year approaches, we find ourselves enveloped in a time of fresh beginnings, cherished traditions, and the hopeful anticipation of good fortune. At the heart of these celebrations stands the time-honored practice of gift-giving, a meaningful expression of love, respect, and wishes for prosperity among friends and family.

Exchanging gifts during this festive time is not just a custom; it's a powerful way to weave stronger bonds and share the joy of the season. While chocolates have become a popular gift choice, reflecting a blend of modern tastes and traditional values, the essence of gift-giving transcends the present itself, embodying the warmth and generosity of the Lunar New Year spirit.

Can You Give Chocolate for Lunar New Year?

Absolutely! Giving chocolates during Lunar New Year has evolved into a cherished gesture, symbolizing wishes for a 'sweet life.'

Traditionally, fruits have stood as powerful symbols of good fortune and prosperity, and presenting a gift of chocolate-covered fruits or even nuts embraces these timeless symbols luxuriously and thoughtfully.

Whether it's a box of custom chocolates, dark chocolate delicacies, or milk chocolate truffles, this tradition reflects the desire for a life filled with happiness and abundance.

Compartés Gift Guide of Signature Chocolates for This Lunar New Year

In the spirit of the Lunar New Year, Compartés Chocolates presents an exquisite selection of treats that blend tradition with a modern twist, perfect for gifting in this season of renewal and joy:

Dark and Milk Chocolate Truffles

Our Signature Chocolate Truffles 20 Piece Luxe Red and our 40 Piece Limited Edition Red Chocolate Truffles feature velvety milk chocolate truffles, offering a perfect reflection of the Lunar New Year festivities. For those who adore deeper flavors, we also offer these truffles in dark chocolate.

Chocolate Gift Boxes

Our Limited Red Edition Chocolate Covered Fruit Gift Box is more than just a chocolate gift box; it's a fusion of fruit and chocolate, symbolizing Lunar New Year's blessings. It can also be transformed into a personalized corporate chocolate gift box to add a special touch for your co-workers and/or employees.

Chocolate Gift Baskets

Our Edible Chocolate Gift Baskets are a lavish assortment of chocolates in both milk and intense dark chocolate. These baskets serve as a grand gesture, embodying the Lunar New Year's spirit of sharing good fortune.

White Chocolate

Our Red Velvet Chocolate Bar offers a unique twist with its luxurious white chocolate, ideal for those seeking a different flavor this Lunar New Year.

Special Chocolate

Our Luxe Red Assorted Chocolate Covered Fruit Gift Box and Zodiac Chocolate Collection are special, limited-edition signature chocolates perfect for the Lunar New Year, incorporating cultural elements into their divine taste.

Custom Chocolates

Our custom gifts of chocolate feature bespoke custom chocolates, including custom logo chocolates, perfect for chocolate corporate gifts that resonate with the Lunar New Year theme.

Bottom line: Our range of chocolate gifts is thoughtfully crafted to embody the spirit of the Lunar New Year. With our collection, we aim to bring joy and prosperity into your celebrations, making each moment more memorable and festive.

Give Good Fortune with Compartés Lunar New Year Chocolates
40 piece chocolate truffles limited edition red - Compartés

As you choose your Lunar New Year gift, remember, it's not just about the chocolate. It's about the sentiments it evokes. It's about saying "I care," "I celebrate you," and "I wish you good fortune in the year ahead." With gourmet chocolates, you present not just a sweet treat, but a luxurious token of appreciation and well-wishes.

Our Compartés Lunar New Year chocolates, handcrafted with passion and artistry in Los Angeles, are more than confections; they are expressions of affection and hope. Each meticulously crafted piece reflects our commitment to quality and innovation, perfect for your Lunar New Year celebrations.

So, choose Compartés for your festive gatherings, and let our Lunar New Year chocolates be part of creating unforgettable moments for the year to come.