Compartes Organic Chocolate Truffles Item MagazineStyle: You've read the studies-the ones claiming that eating chocolate reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer, makes one live almost a year longer and may reduce stress and have a calming effect. While we can't confirm these claims, we can tell you Compartes Chocolatier Los Angeles in Brentwood may at least be able to lower your holiday gift-giving stress. The blood pressure rise you feel when searching for a gift that is both unique and a sure bet will be eliminated when you lay your hands on the exotic assortment of ganache truffles and other handcrafted chocolate confections at Compartes Chocolates.

For 55 years Compares has been known for its quality chocolates and celebrity clientele, but when 22-year old Jonathan Grahm took over the family business, he infused a creativity that made the shop truly something special. Compartes now offers beautifully handcrafted, artisan chocolates in unique flavors such as mango-saffron and raspberry with pink peppercorns. The constantly evolving menu even includes a pumpkin spice and eggnog selections as well as gift boxes and baskets for the holidays. What's more, Compartes chocolates can be shipped anywhere in the US and internationally. There now; you're feeling better already, aren't you?