Compartés' Jonathan Grahm -- the new face of chocolate?

LOS ANGELES TIMES. Jonathan Grahm, the owner of Compartés Chocolatier in Brentwood, is just back from a whirlwind pre-Valentine's Day tour of Japan... Grahm's face has been plastered on billboards, little old ladies in kimonos vied for his autograph, designers wanted his chocolates to coordinate with their products (underwear, for example)...

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Chocolate - 7 Things You Did Not Know

Take a lesson on chocolate with our chocolatier Jonathan Grahm as he outlines 7 things you did not know about CHOCOLATE and GOURMET CHOCOLATE in general...

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Health Benefits of Chocolate Part 2

Part II of “The Health Benefits of Chocolate”

At first the phrase, “Chocolate as a Health Food” sounds a bit absurd, but take a look at a piece under a microscope and suddenly it isn’t so far-fetched. Cocoa, in its rawest form, is naturally, absolutely packed with all sorts of good things that have been scientifically proven to benefit a person’s health. When cocoa is processed and made into chocolate some of these ingredients are removed during the process, but higher quality gourmet chocolate retains more of these natural healthy components when the cocoa is refined into chocolate. Therefore, high quality chocolate is healthier.

Long gone are the days of taking chalky, artificial flavored vitamins shaped in the image of popular cartoon characters to obtain a healthy dose of vitamins. The new alternative is chocolate! Yes, chocolate! Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is completely full of essential vitamins and minerals Including magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, potassium, and manganese as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, E and pantothenic acid.  Cocoa boasts the highest natural source of magnesium. It is said that a diet high in magnesium drastically aids in preventing symptoms of hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, joint problems and pre-menstrual tension. So yes ladies, if you get bad cramps or mood swings, don’t ignore that chocolate craving! It’s just the body’s way of telling you what it needs.                                                

On top of all the vitamins and minerals chocolate contains, it also has some other interesting properties that can benefit your health as well. There’s nothing more satisfying than melting a decadent piece of Gourmet chocolate in your mouth after a rough day. Some people automatically reach for chocolate when they are sad, and scientists have figured out why. Chocolate contains a natural, mild mood elevator called phenylethylamine (PEA) which is produced when emotions such as love and joy are felt. In addition to this, chocolate has been shown to boost the neurotransmitter serotonin, which acts as the brains natural anti-depressant mechanism, and on top of all that it also increases endorphin levels in the brain which greatly elevates mood. Chocolate can be a powerful yet simple solution to overcoming a bad day at the office or satisfying an intense craving.                                                                   

Chocolate has long been revered by ancient cultures such as the Mayans for its taste as well as its medicinal properties, and we are just figuring out today the many health benefits chocolate has to offer. There are so many great things that chocolate can do for you, so go eat a little chocolate today! Check out our great Ancient Aztec chocolate bar inspired by the Aztecs and Mayans use of chocolate.

If you haven't read it already, Part 1 of the Health Benefits of Chocolate explains even more benefits!

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Health Benefits of Chocolate Part 1

Gourmet chocolate that's good for you? Yes please! Recent scientific studies have shown that chocolate may actually be closer to being a health food than an off-limits fantasy for people looking to live a healthy lifestyle.  Scientists have found that Chocolate, being a plant-based food, is extremely rich in antioxidants just like blueberries, green tea, and red wine. So good news for those of you who just can’t put down that gourmet chocolate bar, you’ve been eating one of the best super foods all along!

    Gourmet chocolate has been said to positively aid in reducing a person’s risk for heart disease, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and even cancer. Chocolate consumption leads to increased metabolic function. An increased metabolism is one of the main factors in reducing a person’s risk for heart attack, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, hence why chocolate has been linked as a combatant to these health problems. 

    The cacao plant, the essential ingredient in chocolate is one of the most antioxidant rich super fruits in the entire world. Gourmet chocolate contains these antioxidants, which have been shown to greatly reduce the risk of cancer. The antioxidants in chocolate do this by combatting and neutralizing free radicals. Free radicals actively work to age and decay healthy cells, which in turn lead to complications throughout the whole body leaving you prone to disease and other ailments, especially cancer. Having a few pieces of luxury chocolate each day can dramatically improve your health as well as reduce the risk of getting many life-threatening diseases.  Who knew that Chocolate could do as much for your health as it does for your cravings?

    In America, cardiovascular related illnesses are responsible for a huge majority of deaths each year. Doctors and scientists have been  tediously searching for a way to cut down the risk for such illnesses and have found that the consumption of flavanoids, a type of antioxidant found in plants, greatly reduces the risk for heart-related illnesses. Flavanoids protect plants from environmental toxins and when consumed, help lower blood-pressure, improve blood flow, and make blood platelets less prone to clot. This is due to the anti-inflamatory properties of the flavanoids. Chocolate contains one of the most potent and effective flavanoids called flavanols (I swear these are real words!) These blood thinning, anti-inflammitory flavonals found in the chocolate help stave off heart-related illness and protect against heart disease and heart attack.

    Recent studies have also linked Chocolate to a reduced risk in stroke. The dual purpose flavanoids that help to alleviate heart ailments such as heart disease and heart attack are also the hero behind this significant drop in risk for stroke. The flavanols in in Chocolate increase blood flow to the brain, decrease blood concentrations of bad cholesterol, and improve flexibility of the arteries to decrease the chance of stroke. A little bit of high quality, gourmet, flavanoid rich chocolate can go a long way in helping maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. 

        One more incredible thing that chocolate does to benefit your body is that it can guard your body against developing diabetes and lower the risk for high-risk patients. Chocolate has been said to help regulate insulin levels and is linked to accelerated metabolism of sugar. Impaired insulin function can lead to diabetes which then causes too much sugar to build up in the blood stream. Even though counter-intuitive at first, chocolate actually does help reduce the amount of sugar in the blood stream due to its effect on metabolism.

    So whether you are a health nut looking to add the super-powered benefits of chocolate to your body or a chocoholic searching for your fix, do your body and your taste buds a favor and indulge in a little bit of hand-crafted, gourmet chocolate today.

Stay tuned to our blog for more articles on our series on the “Health Benefits of Chocolate” by Compartes Chocolatier.

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DANCING Chocolate Truffles from Compartes!

Compartes truffles have all the fun! Check em out busting a move! :) 


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