Featured in Thrillist. Text by Tony Merevick. 

Often referred to as "the bacon of fruit" or "the best thing to happen to toast since sliced bread" (or something like that), avocados need no introduction. But it turns out there's an all-new vehicle for consuming even more of the velvety green stuff: chocolate bars.

Sure, chocolate and avocado seems kind of weird, but it actually makes sense when you consider similar fusions like chocolate avocado popsicles and chocolate avocado pudding. If you think about it, marrying the two flavors in the form of a convenient chocolate bar was probably inevitable, if not overdue. So far, it remains to be seen whether people like the new chocolate, but Compartes claims there's "nothing else quite like it." Maybe it's good with a dot or two of Sriracha on top or melted down and drizzled over tortilla chips. Only one way to find out.