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  • Chocolate - 7 Things You Did Not Know
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Chocolate - 7 Things You Did Not Know

 7 Things you didn’t Know about Chocolate


1.       On average, a single cacao pod contains 42 beans. It takes around 270 cacao beans to yield one pound of chocolate! Meaning it takes about 6 ½ cacao pods to make 1 pound of chocolate. One cacao tree can produce up to 30 pods of cacao beans per year.  The average American consumes 11 pounds of chocolate per year (22 pounds in Switzerland). That means each American needs at least 2-3 cacao trees to support theirchocolateappetite!  


2.     “Death by Chocolate” is more than just a term coined to describe that one time that you gorged yourself to death (or content) on chocolate, It actually happened! The first ever recorded case occurred in the 17th century in a town in Mexico. All of the most affluent townsfolk had found themselves addicted to chocolate. So much so that when the church banned all chocolate consumption during service the vigilante aristocratic chocoholics “found” the bishop of the church dead one night due to high amounts of poison found in his chocolate drink.



3.       Currently chocolate manufacturers utilize 40% almond supply and 20% of the world’s of the world’s peanut supply! That’s nuts! (sorry, I had to).


4.      Contrary to popular belief, chocolate actually does not cause acne. On the contrary cacao butter, the main ingredient in chocolate,  is used in many high end facial and skin care products.


5.       The first time chocolate was supposedly made into a solid food was in 1700 in mexico, although it wasn’t anything like what we know as chocolate today. That came later in the 1840’s when a few people began making edible chocolate.


6.      Chocolate is a significant source of energy, providing enough energy for an adult to walk up to 150 feet (or a child to bounce of the walls for 3 hours).


7.       Every single Russian and American space voyage has included chocolate bars. (That’s one small nibble for man and one giant bite for mankind…)



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